• 1.1. smoking figs in the yard
  • 1.2. the manly vibe
  • 1.3. gimme the awesome
  • 1.4. executive focus
  • 1.5. bad river
  • 1.6. steak rock
  • 1.7. move back!
  • 1.8. off the rubber [vinyl only bonus track]
  • 1.9. jammin' with top dollar
  • 1.10. low-lifes
  • 1.11. move back!

endless boogie

focus level


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Über diesen Artikel

Endless Boogie began with no delusions of grandeur. They started off as an "old mans hobby" - just dudes jamming on riffs, locking into grooves, finding that transcendental part of a song and stretching it into eternity. Then they were offered a show. They played more shows. They selfreleased two very limited 12"s and were called the best kept secret in New York by Paper Magazine. They toured with Dungen and Circle and were invited by Slint to play All Tomorrows Parties. Now they've made the best rock record to come out of New York City in years (maybe decades). No, that's not an exaggeration. What more needs to be said? There aren't many bands with a more appropriately descriptive name. Rather than try and explain it, we'd prefer you just buy the ... mehr lesen