• 1.1. crest of a wave
  • 1.2. name
  • 1.3. girl (of the world)
  • 1.4. drivin' around
  • 1.5. the rabbit never gets the carrot
  • 1.6. suicide note
  • 1.7. monkey island
  • 1.8. dennis wilson
  • 1.9. last stand
  • 1.10. the golden age
  • 1.11. living in a hole
  • 1.12. henry lee
  • 1.13. prince
  • 1.14. go
  • 1.15. spiders and snakes
  • 1.16. octopus (cease to exist)
01. Dezember 2017
Genre: Indie

douglas, charles

the burdens of genius

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Über diesen Artikel

File Under: Noisy Pop/Anti Folk First time on vinyl! "The best New York record you've never heard"! Had it not been for bad timing, mental illness, rampant drug abuse, and a penchant for burning bridges, Charles Douglas might be thought of today as a songwriter on par with Stephen Malkmus, Beck, Daniel Johnston, Robert Pollard, and other members of the indie-rock aristocracy! Playing all the instruments himself, recording in the basement of his parents' house in Allentown, Pennsylvania, his songs range from gleeful stoner anthems to deranged anti-folk to noisy pop to lo fi bubblegum. Five years after the reissue of « The lives of Charles Douglas » (featuring Maureen Tucker on drums!) and along with this summer release of an expanded 2 CD version of ... mehr lesen