• 1.1. no reason
  • 1.2. sanitarium blues
  • 1.3. arrow
  • 1.4. get home
  • 1.5. shadow
  • 1.6. gettin' hard
  • 1.7. paradise blues
  • 1.8. run run rocky
  • 1.9. red glare
  • 1.10. girlfriend
  • 1.11. electric high

death valley girls

street venom (deluxe edition)


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+ 2014 DEBUT ALBUM - FIRST TIME ON VINYL + REMIXED & REMASTERED w/ TWO BONUS TRACKS + LP PACKAGE COMES WITH 11" x 17" FOLDED POSTER + DL COUPON + FIRST PRESSING LIMITED TO 1500 COPIES WORLDWIDE ON SATAN'S FINGERPRINT SPLATTER VINYL // With a name like Death Valley, one would assume early cartographers were actively deterring people from its boundaries. It's now recognized as an ecosystem with its own unique beauty and wonder, though it's not without its element of danger. That landscape is a fitting reference for LA's blazing rock troupe Death Valley Girls, whose particular blend of garage punk, proto-metal, and communal music drapes an air of occult mystery and white-hot energy over an underlying celebration of life and vitality. Their 2020 album ... mehr lesen