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the long morrow - green/purple/yellow


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Green/Purple/Yellow Vinyl. Limited to 450 copies. Bob Balch here. Wanted to let you know about "The Long Morrow." We released the E.P "Lavender Blues" back in October of 2020. "Lavender Blues" and "The Long Morrow" are both the result of a three day jam session back in November of 2019. The players were myself, Gary Arce (Yawning Man), Bill Stinson (Yawning Man) and Tony Reed (Mos Generator). We left that session with hours of stuff to choose from. We still have tons to release! Once 2020 hit, we started digging into what would become "Lavender Blues" with the intention to make it an EP and save the main chunk of the material for the LP which would become "The Long Morrow." Once we released "Lavender Blues" Tony Reed and I began digging into the ... mehr lesen