• 1.1. 3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds
  • 1.2. runnin' round
  • 1.3. somebody to love
  • 1.4. today
  • 1.5. get together
  • 1.6. other side of this life
  • 1.7. fat angel
  • 1.8. go to her
  • 1.9. she has funny cars

jefferson airplane

it crawled out of the vaults of ksan 66-68 vol.2


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Here we go with some awesome underground live material from one of the most important psychedelic rock pioneers in history of mankind. JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, ladies and gentlemen, in a very early incarnation when Skip Spence and Signe Anderson had just made way for the goddess of psyche Grace Slick on vocals and Spencer Dryden on drums to form what should become the classic line up leading this band to their huge success. Four of nine songs also appear from their cult album "Surrealistic pillow" released in 1967, two more have appeared as part of "Jefferson Airplane takes off" in 1966. There are later live versions of "Fat angel" and "Other side of life" on the 1969 live album "Bless it's pointed little head" but these are the earlier, more rough edged ... read more