• 1.1. lost in a lullaby
  • 1.2. the waltz
  • 1.3. bored in a belly
  • 1.4. smile
  • 1.5. a fool's campaign
  • 1.6. i am the beggar man
  • 1.7. life in the willow tree
  • 1.8. a long, long walk
  • 1.9. fix me love
  • 1.10. questioning (a big ole sham)
  • 1.11. a better place
16. August 2013
Genre: Rock

drowning men, the

all of the unknown


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When The Drowning Men formed back in 2006, the product of a childhood friendship between Bardeen, Dolan and Eisenkerch, the idea wasn't to make a career, but to make music. The band, who added Messer and Smith into the mix, musicians who were equally instrumental to the formation of the group, practiced at least three days a week and a self-released an EP, Kill the Matador, in 2007. The group's debut album, The Beheading of the Songbird, followed in 2009, again released on their own. Bardeen, a prolific songwriter who is always penning new tunes, was ready again with new music by 2010, encouraging the band to begin work on what would eventually become their second full-length, All of the Unknown. Initially intending to record an EP, the group headed ... read more