• 1.1. dead throne
  • 1.2. untidaled
  • 1.3. mammoth
  • 1.4. vengeance
  • 1.5. r.i.t.
  • 1.6. my questions
  • 1.7. kansas
  • 1.8. born to lose
  • 1.9. forever decay
  • 1.10. chicago
  • 1.11. constance (featuring tim lambesis of as i lay dying)
  • 1.12. pretenders
  • 1.13. holdfast

devil wears prada, the

dead throne (grey/black)


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Grey/Black Vinyl, limited to 100 copies. The Devil Wears Prada is a metalcore band formed in 2005 in Dayton, Ohio. ,Dead Throne" is their fourth studio album. A real classic album and masterpiece. Produced by Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engabe), this record was recorded in several studios across the United States. Much like their previous efforts the album's lyrics were penned by lead vocalist Mike Hranica, whose lyrical direction focused on anti-idolatry concepts. The band's musical style changed after the success of the Zombie EP, this led to, what Hranica described as; fusing the melodic elements of their previous studio albums with the ferocity of Zombie. Upon its release, the album was given generally positive reviews from music critics, being ... mehr lesen