• 1.1. your voice inside my head
  • 1.2. i don't want to be the one
  • 1.3. damaged state of mind
  • 1.4. teenage mess up
  • 1.5. slaughterhouse refugee
  • 1.6. no hope for me
  • 1.7. this place is rotting away
  • 1.8. watch me watch you
  • 1.9. pharmaceutical consulation
  • 1.10. offspring of supreme value
  • 1.11. can't control me no more
  • 1.12. nowhere to go
25. September 2015
Genre: Punk

rotten mind

i'm alone even with you

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Rotten Mind are releasing their debut album "Im Alone Even With You" the 25th of September. In true punk spirit Rotten Mind played their first show in february 2015, recorded a demo in march and returned to the studio in april to record their debut album in just two days time. It's no shocker that the band who is named after a Jay Reatard song got an american styled garage rock vibe. The 12 tracks album is held together with attitude, punk rock and melodies that combines everything into an explosive garage rock sound. Rotten Mind is a typical punk band, restless youth with a background in the hardcore punk band Agent Attitude. The band is on an everlasting search away from their everyday boredom, continue living fast and in chaos to keep those voices ... read more