• 1.1. fortune
  • 1.2. bloodshot
  • 1.3. the fighters
  • 1.4. cry wolf
  • 1.5. back to future
  • 1.6. echo
  • 1.7. nostalgia
  • 1.8. shame
  • 1.9. paint it black
  • 1.10. black hearts
30. März 2018


s / t (white vinyl)

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These fellas are quite known not only in europe, worldwide. They released and worked together with labels like Search For Fame, Kidnap, Sabotage or Taken By Surprise. Their new third s/t album is a little step out of the long portland-music-shadow into the world of popy tunes. But stop: its still Hysterese, their own twin singing of Helen and Moritz, shouting their lines like gunfire at each other, their superb guitar-melodies, the stakkato riffing and their precise, machine-like drumming. On their new record, you may find between all these Hysterese trademarks some tiny tiny sparkling pop-diamonds, which suits 'em good. If you dig the sadness of The Wipers, the explosivness of old Descendents records and the hits and melodies of your fav Ramones ... read more