30. August 2019
Label: MORR
Genre: Pop


yesterday was dramatic-today is ok(20th anniv.ed.)

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Über diesen Artikel

In 1999, on December 23 to be precise, the electronic music landscape changed forever. On that day, the now legendary Icelandic band múm released their debut album "Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK". The thing is though, back in the day, hardly anybody realized. It was Christmas after all, people were busy with potentially more important things and didn't pay attention to some kids selling records on Reykjavík's high street. Little did those shoppers know.
Thankfully, those 10 tracks weren't overlooked for long. On the contrary: the album went on to become one of the most influential building blocks of what back then was called electronica and today is considered an art form playing a crucial and important role in shaping and defining the ... mehr lesen