21. August 2012
Genre: Dance


you know you like it


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Über diesen Artikel

AlunaGeorge are everything that's great about British music right now. Taking the boom and glitch of British bass culture and allying it to the slick sweetness of classic American SWV or Destiny's Child-style R&B, singer Aluna Francis and producer George Reid have captured the attention of futuristic pop heads across the blogosphere with the most immediately arresting combination of a singer and producer since Timbaland first pulled up a studio chair for Missy Elliot. With the release of this, their debut EP, the duo have gotten off to an amazing start having been profiled in Spin, The New York Times and Pitchfork's Rising Column, as well as the attracting rave reviews across the board. They've commonly been discussed in relation to the likes of ... mehr lesen