• 1.1. electricity
  • 1.2. glass
  • 1.3. raindance
  • 1.4. devotion
  • 1.5. fire cloud
  • 1.6. red wolf
  • 1.7. charmer
  • 1.8. la dominadora
  • 1.9. dresden
  • 1.10. the loss
19. Februar 2016
Genre: Metal

silver snakes


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Über diesen Artikel

Southern California's rising underground rock band SILVER SNAKES' 3rd album "Saboteur" finds the band delving further into a darker side of the human condition. The band continues their evolution of sound by incorporating influences of 0's industrial and elements of doom metal into their post-hardcore sound. The result is cathartic and innovative. Heavy, stabbing riffs crescendo into massive walls of guitars that give way to atmospheric and at times ethereal moments of calm that relay underlying messages of sabotage and deception. Formed in 2011, after vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter Alex Estrada's hardcore/crust band Cathedrals went defunct, SILVER SNAKES started an evolution that has blended his many influences, from Latin singer Lola ... mehr lesen