• 1.1. deathrider
  • 1.2. metal thrashing mad
  • 1.3. caught in a mosh
  • 1.4. a.i.r.
  • 1.5. among the living
  • 1.6. keep it in the family
  • 1.7. indians
  • 1.8. madhouse
  • 1.9. panic
  • 2.1. i am the law
  • 2.2. belly of the beast
  • 2.3. n.f.l. (nice fucking life - efilgnikcufecin)
  • 2.4. be all end all
  • 2.5. gung ho
  • 2.6. anthrax
  • 2.7. lone justice
  • 2.8. in my world
22. Dezember 2017


the greater of two evils

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Über diesen Artikel

Throughout their infamous 20 year career, the mighty ANTHRAX have always prided themselves on being a band of the people, for the people and by the people. This being said and with 2004 being an election year, ANTHRAX have taken that ideal one step further with their upcoming release, "The Greater Of Two Evils", an all out assault on their history with each song being voted on by their fans via the internet. Covering their history from 1984-1990, "The Greater Of Two Evils" is made up of fourteen classic ANTHRAX songs the fans demanded by way of the thousands of votes from all over the world received on the band's official website, anthrax.com. Based on those votes, the band entered Avatar studios in NYC one cold and snowy weekend last winter and took ... mehr lesen