• 1.1. last rites
  • 1.2. what the night brings
  • 1.3. cadaverous
  • 1.4. blood sick
  • 1.5. good riddance
  • 1.6. you breathe, i kill
  • 1.7. omen amen
  • 2.1. cruel to you
  • 2.2. eulogy xiii
  • 2.3. prey for me
  • 2.4. lonesome road to hell
  • 2.5. condolences
  • 2.6. death infinity
02. Juni 2017
Genre: Metal

wednesday 13


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A grimly glamorous ghoul who first slithered from the cobwebbed shadows of Charlotte, North Carolina, in the early 90s, WEDNESDAY 13 has firmly established himself as the world's premier purveyor of balls-out horror punk insanity. With a vivid and vile imagination that has endeared him to countless fans of riff-driven macabre over the last two decades, he has been one of rock's most prolific protagonists, spreading his credo of grave-robbing rock 'n' roll and Hallowe'en debauchery around the globe and unleashing a seemingly endless stream of blood-spattered albums and EPs. "All my favourite stuff, like KISS and ALICE COOPER and TWISTED SISTER, those guys set the bar pretty high," he states. "I always wanted to do something in the worlds of those ... read more