• 1.1. exposed
  • 1.2. somatography
  • 1.3. eat the unicorn
  • 1.4. forever
  • 1.5. virtual isolation
  • 1.6. the whispering
  • 2.1. lake of despond
  • 2.2. clear
  • 2.3. life flow
  • 2.4. part of the chaos
  • 2.5. segue
  • 2.6. mansion
  • 2.7. virtual isolation (radio version)
  • 2.8. smile at the moon


extinct instinct (lila)

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Formed in the South of England in the late 1980s, THRESHOLD combined the influences of heavy metal and progressive rock to craft their own unique sound which was a far cry from the commercial sound of the time. With a line-up of Damian Wilson (vocals), Karl Groom (guitar), Nick Midson (guitar), Jon Jeary (bass), Richard West (keyboards) and Tony Grinham (drums), THRESHOLD released their highly acclaimed debut album "Wounded Land" in 1993. The following five years saw the release of the albums "Psychedelicatessen" (1994), "Extinct Instinct" (1997) and "Clone" (1998), and tours with bands such as DREAM THEATER, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ and PAIN OF SALVATION. In 1998 Andrew "Mac" McDermott became the band's third vocalist, following stints by Damian Wilson, ... read more