• 1.1. alerion
  • 1.2. the final episode (let's change channel)
  • 1.3. a candlelit dinner with inamorta
  • 1.4. nobody don't dance no more
  • 1.5. hey there mr. brooks
  • 1.6. hiatus
  • 1.7. if you can't ride two horses at once you should get out of the circus
  • 1.8. a single moment of sincerity
  • 1.9. not the american average
  • 1.10. i used to have a best friend (but then he gave me an std)
  • 1.11. a prophecy
  • 1.12. i was once, possibly, maybe, perhaps a cowboy king
  • 1.13. when everyday's the weekend

asking alexandria

stand up and scream (opaque process blue)


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Re-Issue. Deckend blaues Vinyl samt Downloadcode.

Vinyl-Neuauflage des Metalcore-Klassikers von 2009 in blauem Vinyl mit Download Card auf Sumerian Records. Der britischen Band Asking Alexandria um Sänger Danny Worsnop gelang mit diesem Werk der weltweite Durchbruch.