• 1.1. death is not defeat
  • 1.2. hereafter
  • 1.3. mortal after all
  • 1.4. holy hell
  • 1.5. damnation
  • 1.6. royal beggars
  • 1.7. modern misery
  • 1.8. dying to heal
  • 1.9. the seventh circle
  • 1.10. doomsday
  • 1.11. a wasted hymn


holy hell (black/yellow vinyl)

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Indie Exclusive! Schwarz-gelb gemarbeltes Vinyl im Gatefold Sleeve. ARCHITECTS is a band who've never shied away from challenging the world around them. After suffering the loss of co-founder /guitarist Tom Searle to cancer in 2016, the band returned to the road and the studio in 2017 releasing the hit track "Doomsday", which is their most playlisted track on radio and went on to be one the bands most successful songs. Long lauded as some of modern metal's most progressive-thinking minds, for the past decade, the quintet have pushed boundaries, redefined genres, and never feared having to question themselves in order for their art to leave its mark on this earth. ARCHITECTS, is a band like few others; The quintet all practice a vegan lifestyle, tour ... read more