• 1.1. in doors and out through windows
  • 1.2. hissing waves
  • 1.3. patience
  • 1.4. larches eat moths
  • 1.5. the world is a bell
  • 1.6. bright seas
  • 1.7. bodies carried off by bees
  • 1.8. an endless
  • 1.9. more than half asleep
  • 1.10. paper boats on black ink lake
25. Oktober 2019

leaf library

the world is a bell


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Über diesen Artikel

Double pink vinyl in reverse board sleeve. For fans of Insides, Stereolab, Low, Bark Psychosis, Yo La Tengo, Seefeel, Julia Holter. The record is an ambitious and expansive update of their warm, hypnotic drone-pop encompassing gently pulsing electronics, chiming guitars, minimalist piano, acoustic and synthesised drones, noise, improv and intricate brass and string arrangements, all in the service of the band's most assured and experimental songwriting yet. Two years in the making it features guest contributions from (amongst others) celebrated singer Ed Dowie, noise group Far Rainbow, fellow space-pop travellers Firestations and the string quartet Iskra Strings. It draws on all aspects of the band's work so far, from indie guitar pop to ambient ... mehr lesen