• 1.1. the job
  • 1.2. keep on diggin'
  • 1.3. black heart baby
  • 1.4. mexico
  • 1.5. beating in my hand
  • 1.6. quick on the trigger
  • 1.7. smash & grab
  • 1.8. hangin' tree
  • 1.9. you're my girl
  • 1.10. shoot my way out
  • 1.11. die in the river

five horse johnson

the taking of black heart


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Five Horse Johnson is now seventeen years and six albums into its career, with a seventh about to drop. The band has dug out a niche of its own, combining their love and respect for traditional blues and classic rock to become one of the most loved and respected bands in the underground rock community. Always a freight train live, the band has toured hard with the likes of Clutch and Halfway to Gone, in the process gathering fans, friends, and drinking partners all over the world. Five Horse Johnson's new album, The Taking of Black Heart is due for release via Small Stone Records in January 2013. It is the band's first full-length record since 2006's The Mystery Spot, which saw Five Horse Johnson, with the help of Clutch's Jean Paul Gaster helming ... mehr lesen