• 1.1. settler
  • 1.2. march 4, 1831
  • 1.3. harm and boon
  • 1.4. elegy
  • 1.5. remembrance
  • 1.6. coahuila
  • 1.7. night in the draw
  • 1.8. truth
  • 1.9. november 1, 1832
22. Mai 2009
Genre: Postrock


all is wild, all is silent


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Über diesen Artikel

Austin's Balmorhea has always made beautiful music, but that pulchritude has often belied the underlying sensuality that makes their music so inviting. The band takes a giant leap forward, embracing that sensuality, on their bold and variegated new album All is Wild, All is Silent. Now a six piece with drums and upright bass, the band known for their understated simplicity and restraint has produced an album joyous, haunting, and even a little sexy. Throughout the album you can almost hear hearts pounding in the sun as the music swells and aches. Some of the music's most surprising moments manage to be both subdued and antagonistic, acting as a balm for the frazzled soul and as an impetus for revisiting (and reevaluating) some of the most magical and ... mehr lesen