• 1.1. from the wild
  • 1.2. stone idols
  • 1.3. paradigms
  • 1.4. glow in the dark
  • 1.5. flux
  • 1.6. tested positive for narcissism
  • 1.7. frozen breath
  • 1.8. forms and formalities
  • 1.9. end of story
  • 1.10. fake snakes
18. Januar 2019
Genre: Hardcore

ball of light



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Über diesen Artikel

Representing the best of the Cincinnati metal and hardcore scene, Ball of Light's debut album "Flux" is 10 songs in just under a half hour that pummels you with crushing riffs, guttural screams and pounding drums. Bringing back an early 00's sound, Ball of Light would have easily been at home with bands like Poison The Well, Converge, Cave-In, and Coalesce. They bring a no filler, no nonsense approach to this record and every part is executed with precision. The heavy guitars and drums will bring you back to long lost beer-soaked shows in basements and VFW Halls across the country. They can do fast, they can do slow but one thing is for sure, the riffage is heavy.