21. Februar 2020
Label: TERP

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It's funny how we met Kat. When Sabien, the drummer we had before, left at the end of 1984 to go and live in France, we were looking for another possible player. Kat just moved to Amsterdam and had contact with the Wanda's, a girl-band she saw a few times and met at a self-defence course in music-club Octopus. She left her contact, just in case. The coincidence was that the Wanda's singer, Jose, lived in the same squat as GW Sok, The Ex's singer at that time. So, to make the story short, I phoned her and asked if she would want to play with us, without even hearing her play. There was a lot possible these days! But, there were also two other girls who wanted to play the drums with us. So weirdly enough we held an audition. The first one had played in ... mehr lesen