• 1.1. you got it
  • 1.2. suck you dry
  • 1.3. it is us
  • 1.4. where is the future
  • 1.5. inside job
  • 1.6. no one has
  • 1.7. sweet young thing ain't sweet no more
  • 1.8. touch me i'm sick
  • 1.9. where the flavor is
  • 1.10. i have to laugh
  • 1.11. mudride
  • 1.12. into the drink
  • 1.13. get into yours
  • 1.14. hard-on for war
  • 1.15. in 'n' out of grace
  • 1.16. hate the police
  • 1.17. the money will roll right in
  • 1.18. next time
  • 1.19. new meaning
  • 1.20. fix me
  • 1.21. tales of terror


live at el sol


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After over 20 years together, Mudhoney sound nowadays as loud and unrestrained as ever, if not more. The proof is in this live album, recorded in Madrid in July 2007, where the band played many of their most defining songs in full frontal sonic attack mode. It was probably some kind of omen. Arriving at my Berlin hotel in the October of 1988, a badly dubbed version of Russ Meyer's Mudhoney came on TV. A couple of days later I was watching the European debut of the band named after that very flick. "Superfuzz Bigmuff" had pretty much just come out and Sub Pop was in its infancy. I don't remember too much about the show other than it seemed that the noise they emitted was being channelled from outer space. It wasn't grunge or hardcore or even punk ... read more