• 1.1. ride out
  • 1.2. colossus
  • 1.3. atomic storms
  • 1.4. god will stop trying
  • 1.5. pirates of the waste
  • 1.6. hill people drugs
  • 1.7. bone cathedral
  • 2.1. a nameless dread
  • 2.2. awake at time's end
  • 2.3. loss
  • 2.4. the silver lining
  • 2.5. the swallow
  • 2.6. clearing the sand


mandala of fear


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Much like Dylan, Springsteen and Waits, Chicago's Americana metal outfit, Huntsmen, continue the long standing tradition of storytelling in their music. Huntsmen just do it with volume higher and more metallic grit. HUNTSMEN continue to evolve storytelling through metal dynamically melded with elements of folk and country. From bleak, soul crushing lows groaning a dirge of isolation and despair to sparkling, yearning highs speaking of vulnerability and hope,"Mandala of Fear" follows a lone soldier in one of humanity's last wars through a harrowing tale of survival, dread, brutal loss, and unquenchable resilience.