• 1.1. welkin
  • 1.2. planets
  • 1.3. explosions
  • 1.4. one breath
  • 1.5. the burning sea
  • 1.6. leaders
  • 1.7. autumn wings, behold
  • 1.8. flamedoves
  • 1.9. shore
  • 1.10. all within
  • 1.11. my swan
30. April 2021
Genre: Metal


welkin shores burning


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Seven long years since their last album, melancholic rock and dark metal duo AUTUMNBLAZE returns to the scene with their upcoming, hotly anticipated album titled "Welkin Shores Burning". The band, who was formed in 1997, combines the elements of post-rock, black metal, trip hop and singer-songwriter to a unique and experimental metal style. With an impressive back catalogue of six highly acclaimed records to date, AUTUMNBLAZE became the masters of transformation: From the black/death/folk- infused debut "DämmerElbenTragödie" over depressive metal in "Bleak", experimental trip rock of the "Mute Boy Sad Girl", melancholic alternative post-rock you will find in "Words are not what they seem", the crushing dark metal piece "Perdition Diaries", to their ... read more