• 1.1. news about heaven
  • 1.2. lost futures
  • 1.3. pray for rain
  • 1.4. something will come
  • 1.5. at the edge of the world
  • 1.6. hurricane light
  • 1.7. life and casualty
  • 1.8. haunted by water
27. August 2021
Genre: Folk

anderson, marisa & tyler, william

lost futures - blue vinyl


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Über diesen Artikel

Guitarists Marisa Anderson and William Tyler distill deeply rooted and varied traditions into distinctive voices all their own. Anderson and Tyler are each unyielding in their desire to extend through those traditions and the confines of "guitar music" to craft music at once intimate and expansive, conversational and transcendent. The duo's debut collaborative album tethers together their singular voices into unified narratives that glisten, drive, and sway. On Lost Futures, Anderson and Tyler's guitars dance through lush arrangements and pastoral duets serpentine and reverent. The duo met in Portland, as Anderson tells it, "There was an obvious and immediate affinity musically and personally which led to the feeling that we should try and do ... mehr lesen