• 1.1. the world (is going up in flames)
  • 1.2. the telephone song
  • 1.3. golden rule
  • 1.4. i believe in your love
  • 1.5. trouble in the land
  • 1.6. lovin' you, baby
  • 1.7. no time for dreaming
  • 1.8. how long
  • 1.9. in you (i found a love)
  • 1.10. why is it so hard?
  • 1.11. since our last goodbye
  • 1.12. heartaches and pain

bradley, charles

no time for dreaming (lp+mp3)

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It's taken just two short years for Dunham Records - an imprint of Daptone Records - to establish itself as one of the most captivating creative forces in soul music. The brainchild of guitarist/producer Thomas "Tommy TNT" Brenneck, Dunham's indelibly atmospheric sound is epitomized by its flagship artist, Menahan Street Band. After releasing a handful of crucial 45s, Dunham Records prepares to enter the next phase of its evolution with the debut album of its inaugural vocalist, Charles Bradley. Charles Bradley's voice has evolved from a lifetime of paying dues, having nomadically labored for decades at various day jobs from Maine to Alaska - singing and performing in his spare time - before re-settling in his hometown Brooklyn and eventually finding ... mehr lesen