• 1.1. i'm so depressed
  • 1.2. the royal palm
  • 1.3. i'm a hard working man
  • 1.4. old black joe
  • 1.5. man walked on the moon
  • 1.6. i cried
  • 1.7. sitting on top of the world
  • 1.8. my middle name is the blues
  • 1.9. love wheel
  • 1.10. cocaine blues
  • 1.11. too poor to live, too poor to die
21. Februar 2020
Genre: Blues

abner jay

abner jay


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Abner Jay is an extraordinary one-man-band with one of the deepest emotive voices ever recorded. "Man Walked On The Moon" features Abner material from two different periods. Side A opens with an early deep 1970's version of his signature song "I'm So Depressed," which has never before been reissued on LP. The hit is followed by four previously unreleased songs from the same period - "The Royal Palm" (a classic train song), "Old Black Joe," "I'm A Hard Working Man," and his paen to space travel, "Man Walked On The Moon." All are sung and played by Abner with his standard one man band set up - electric banjo, drums played by his feet, and harmonica. Side B of the LP features Abner's emotionally charged last recordings. These were made two months before ... read more