• 1.1. applause
  • 1.2. smooth it out
  • 1.3. feel alive
  • 1.4. caution
  • 1.5. wildfire
  • 1.6. whale watching
  • 1.7. it's too cold tonight
  • 1.8. malfunction
  • 1.9. wishbone
  • 1.10. warm hand splash
29. Januar 2018
Genre: Indie

tiny moving parts

swell (coloured)

LP  €  22,99
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Über diesen Artikel

Indie-exklusives transparentes rotes Vinyl mit 32-s. Booklet.

Beeindruckend komplexe Instrumentierungen mit ansteckenden Melodien und Killer-Hooks ergeben eine unwiderstehliche Math-Post-Hardcore, Powerpop & Punk-Kombi!

Our favourites and yours, Tiny Moving Parts are back! Following the awesome Celebrate in 2016, the delightfully chipper trio from Benson, Minnesota bring you their brand-new record Swell.

The record sees the band building on Celebrate, with the band throwing into the melting pot, their impressively complex instrumentation, infectious melody and killer hooks to create a tight, mathy melodic punk combo that's hard to resist. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step this ... mehr lesen