• 1.1. soul cannon
  • 1.2. sister
  • 1.3. quark
  • 1.4. one thick second
  • 1.5. pirate 5
  • 1.6. bbq applause
  • 1.7. mercurochrome
  • 1.8. wonders of dust
  • 1.9. the scarlet
  • 1.10. misty mt. blowtorch
  • 1.11. myrna loy
  • 1.12. pause
23. Oktober 2015

steel pole bath tub


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Über diesen Artikel

* Gatefold with all new cover art by Dale "Tooth" Flattum and Casey Burns * 8 page booklet with notes from Noah Landis (Neurosis), Boner Records founder Tom Flynn, Chunklet's Henry Owings and Steel Pole Bath Tub * Painstakingly remastered by Bob Weston, Noah Landis and Mike Morasky from the original source tapes * Available on 180g black vinyl and 150g ath tub porcelain' white vinyl * Includes download card Tulip is Steel Pole Bath Tub at their best. A twisted noi detective story on a bad acid trip, it's sonically unrelenting, filled with foreboding and it unfolds over repeated listens. There is darkness here. A psychedelic juggernaut of careening guitar slammed up against a wall of brutal bass and punctuated by the bash and crash of toms and cymbals ... mehr lesen