• 1.1. you let my tyres down
  • 1.2. antimatter animals
  • 1.3. chameleon paint
  • 1.4. the future of history
  • 1.5. two afternoons
  • 1.6. soft power
  • 1.7. shellfish toxin
  • 1.8. a laughing death in meatspace
  • 1.9. rubber bullies

tropical fuck storm

a laughing death in meatspace

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Über diesen Artikel

The phantasmagorical debut album by Tropical Fuck Storm, A Laughing Death in Meatspace , delivers a fraught vision of algorhythmic apocalypse. Featuring Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitchin from Australian heroes The Drones, Tropical Fuck Storm is an endofdays consciousnessstream across nine seething tracks. The debut divebombs into the realms of mortality and immortality, moralizing and amorality? the passing of time, and how little we have left. These are lurid songs, urgently told through Gareth Liddiard's barbed and byzantine lyricism, abrasive guitar slashes, drum adrenalin, raunchy bass and electronic undercurrents. They're raging, rapscallion, and funny, lyrically delving into everything from internet shaming to the kuru "laughing death" disease ... mehr lesen