• 1.1. secret stuff
  • 1.2. doglife
  • 1.3. fading
  • 1.4. blessed pt
  • 1.5. baseball
  • 1.6. be father
  • 1.7. babyshoe
  • 1.8. blessed pt 2
  • 1.9. judy froster
  • 1.10. florida
  • 1.11. blessed pt 3
23. März 2018


dog bless

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Über diesen Artikel

Das Quartett aus Montreal mit der sechsten Veröffentlichung liefert hymnischen, sensiblen und technisch ausgefeilten Emo.

Gulfer's inception in December of 2011 feels like it occurred a lifetime ago. But that's how it's supposed to feel when the local DIY band is coming up on their sixth release and fifth international tour. Bands like Gulfer simply aren't supposed to last in this world, and they've come too long a way to go unnoticed. Perhaps that's why they just signed to Topshelf Records, Big Scary Monsters and Friend of Mine Records with their second full length record, 'Dog Bless', due in early 2018. Predictably, the new full length from the Montreal-based quartet is their best work yet. It features a trio of three song movements, ... mehr lesen