• 1.1. mallrat semi-annual
  • 1.2. toronto mug
  • 1.3. monsters
  • 1.4. bed fest
  • 1.5. forever
  • 1.6. jobs
  • 1.7. politics of grooming
  • 1.8. drinks
  • 1.9. toronto mug ii
  • 1.10. essex street

slaughter beach, dog



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Über diesen Artikel

Slaughter Beach, Dog is the side-project from Modern Baseball's Jake Ewald. The project works as a counter to his ultra- personal work with MoBo, every song being written from the perspective of his fictional characters living in Slaughter Beach. Ewald self-released his first collection of songs on the Dawg 7" in 2015 on his label Family Dinner. He'll release his first ever full length under the Slaughter Beach, Dog name on Lame-O Records in September.