• 1.1. freakout / starry eyes
  • 1.2. north american scum (onanistic dub)
  • 1.3. hippie priest bum-out

lcd soundstystem

confuse the marketplace ep

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Über diesen Artikel

This iconic vinyl EP from LCD Soundsystem has not been back in print and for sale since 2012. Originally released in 2007, the EP contains 2 non-LP tracks, including the 12 1/2 minute slo-mo disco workout Freak Out / Starry Eyes, and the instrumental burner "Hippie Priest Bum Out" (made popular on Fabric Live 36: Murphy and Mahoney). There is also a devilishly acidic rework of North American Scum by James Murphy himself. Beautiful cover art design by Mike Vadino.