• 1.1. red dragon
  • 1.2. paloma pt.1
  • 1.3. paloma pt.2
  • 1.4. fool
  • 1.5. spender
  • 1.6. swarm
  • 1.7. stages
  • 1.8. minna
  • 1.9. isles
  • 1.10. fever
  • 1.11. the falcon preset
  • 1.12. rehearsal
14. Dezember 2018
Genre: Elektro


red dragon


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Über diesen Artikel

"about / a (feverish) narrative involving / touching upon Elon Musks (cancelled/) failed robotic lander mission to mars, Michael Jackson's final moments on stage and current personal life (motherhood)" Search as one might for an adequate charm to safely light 'Red Dragon,' Cæcilie Trier's evocations tend to outpace us at every step. The album's fever-dream story flicks through the recent past and the present. Elon Musk's extraplanetary desires cross with maternal notes. Michael Jackson, too, is watched over. The terse titles that greet us in Trier's solo work are a wry sleight of hand. CTM, standing for Cæcilie Trier Musik, marks the impersonal boundary where intimacies are developed, trampled, and searched through. On her new album for Posh ... mehr lesen