• 1.1. grand architect
  • 1.2. queen of winter
  • 1.3. firebird
  • 1.4. omens
  • 1.5. adamantine
  • 1.6. psalm 6
  • 1.7. golden ring
  • 1.8. moondawn mirage iii
  • 1.9. last march
  • 1.10. stardust and torchlight

new light choir

torchlight (gold vinyl)

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Gold vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Never content to exist in an easily defined space, New Light Choir defy genres, preferring to weave diverse threads of sound into their own unique sonic tapestry. On their previous album Volume II (High Roller Records, 2015) the two-headed genre hybrid group explored the 50-year history of dark, heavy guitar-based music and made what Invisible Oranges called "music made from missing links". New Light Choir's new album Torchlight sees the duo step on the distortion pedal and travel deeper into the mystical, dusk-filled metallic territory hinted at on its predecessor. Torchlight is possessed with the same creative spirit and a sense of wonder as the early albums by genre forefathers Trouble and Manilla Road, yet New ... mehr lesen