• 1.1. xibalba
  • 1.2. carpets on the walls
  • 1.3. the calm before
  • 1.4. the storm
  • 1.5. worth
  • 1.6. big pump
  • 1.7. melancholia
  • 1.8. logbook
  • 1.9. vortex reflex
12. September 2014
Genre: Metal




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Über diesen Artikel

After the release of "Phase of Perplexity" in 2004 and "Technicolor" in 2010, "Supra" is Dioramic's 3rd studio album. The band's songwriting has steadily evolved over the years, and "Supra" reflects - so far - the peak of this evolution: we are not exaggerating when we say it is a truly mind-blowing piece of heavy, intricate yet catchy music. Dioramic venture into the vastly unexplored musical territory between Muse-ish vocal hooklines laid over odd but catchy chord progressions, and moments of modern technical metal's unprecedented rhythmical complexity. Main songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Arkadi Zaslavski's talent has surprised friends, fans and journalists alike from the band's early days, when they won VISIONS magazine's "demo of the month" ... mehr lesen