• 1.1. deadly wisdom
  • 1.2. corner store
  • 1.3. if death comes
  • 1.4. one days evening
  • 1.5. starfish
  • 1.6. spanish quartet
  • 1.7. cemetaries
  • 1.8. circus animal
  • 1.9. keep this up
06. September 2013


for mad men only (white)

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Über diesen Artikel

Waxwing features Rocky Votolato (vocals/guitar) and brother Cody Votolato on guitar (Blood Brothers). Seattle-based Waxwing's debut full length, For Madmen Only, is a beautifully involved album of contrasting emotions set against the musical contradictions of both lush acoustic movements and propulsive dramatic rock. Musically, For Madmen Only's nine tracks transverse myriad rock landscapes (be it traditional rock, indie, folk or Americana), but with a sullen, repentant quality that stains these tracks with a morose, languid atmosphere perfectly echoed in singer/guitarist Rocky Votolato's brooding vocals and lyrics. One of For Madmen Only's greatest strengths is Votolato's golden crooning, which serves as both focal point and background for Waxwing's ... mehr lesen