• 1.1. no halo
  • 1.2. a portrait of
  • 1.3. first letter from st. sean
  • 1.4. a better sun
  • 1.5. disappeared
  • 1.6. car
  • 1.7. where are you
  • 1.8. second letter from st. julien
  • 1.9. leave the fan on
  • 1.10. new room

sorority noise

you're not as ____ as you think (

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Limited Beer coloured vinyl! Für das Label Big Scary Monsters, das zu den aktuell besten Indie / Punk -Labels zählt, ist dieser Release ein Priothema mit dem Potential von Modern Baseball, die aktuell auf auf Tour sind. Die Emo / Hardcoreband formierte sich 2013, Ihr viertes Album produzierte Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday). This is a bloody brilliant record, and this band have the potential to go the way Modern Baseball have gone, so this is definitely a priority release! SORORITY NOISE write important songs. They go to uncomfortable places, unafraid to let the darkness in - but they're also not shy at kicking back until the sorrow subsides. They're songs of confusion, anger, life, death, mental health and, most importantly, hope. ... mehr lesen