• 1.1. dunkirk
  • 1.2. pink tide
  • 1.3. drink it down
  • 1.4. fad '95
  • 1.5. dud
  • 1.6. klub silberrücken
  • 1.7. travel lodge punk
  • 1.8. just in the band
  • 1.9. grinning at the lid
  • 1.10. muted gold
  • 1.11. up the nurses
  • 1.12. madra uisce
  • 1.13. last orders
11. September 2020


fad -ltd. blue vinyl-


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Limited blue vinyl! With taut rhythms of 70s punk and the freak-outs of NYC no-wave, Silverbacks craft a signature sound spiked with triple guitar riffs and on-the-pulse lyrics. Silverbacks are a 5-piece band from Dublin, Ireland. Taking their cues from the taut rhythms and urgent drive of late 70s punk and the discordant, unpredictable freak-outs of NYC no wave, they craft a signature sound spiked with triple guitar riffs, a motorik rhythm section and on-the-pulse lyrics. The band have independently released a string of singles produced by Girl Band bassist Daniel Fox, beginning in 2018 with Dunkirk and Just In The Band, each of which drew support on both sides of the Atlantic. 2019 saw the arrival of follow-up tracks Pink Tide, and then Sirens, ... mehr lesen