• 1.1. the anteroom (intro)
  • 1.2. life inside a vacuum
  • 1.3. star alliance
  • 1.4. diamonds
  • 1.5. parallel universe
  • 1.6. charm tooth
  • 1.7. salvaged denim
  • 1.8. the impossibility of paying our debts
  • 1.9. heart & soul
  • 1.10. belong
20. Juli 2018
Genre: Indie

routine death

parallel universes

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Über diesen Artikel

180g coloured vinyl. Separated by 7000 miles, Routine Death is the husband and wife duo of Lisa (Gothenburg) and Dustin Zozaya (Austin), the latter also plays in Fuzz Club favourites Holy Wave. This debut album offers the perfect introduction to their dark, lo-fi pop world - channelling an ethereal darkwave sound with bewitching lo-fi vocals and the glitchy electronics of Broadcast, or even Stereolab. Born out of this distance is a certain kind of intimacy, the use of cheap equipment and a creative process that involves constantly sending tracks forwards and backwards over the internet results in a minimalist noise-pop sound that shuns the overbearing sonic-excess, instead stripping things down to the absolute fundamentals. Lisa's sublimely ... mehr lesen