15. März 2019

robinson, eugene s. x philippe petit

chapel in the pines

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Über diesen Artikel

Chapel In The Pines is the latest set of collaborative work by Oxbow front man Eugene Robinson and master of sonic architecture, Philippe Petit, featuring Percy Howard on additional vocals and Chris Haskett (Rollins Band) providing guitar work. The five pieces here are built around brooding spoken word accompanied by a range of electronics, guitars, percussion, piano and metallic sounds molded into suitable backdrops. Anybody familiar with the previous collaborative albums - The Crying of Lot 69 (2011) and Last of the Dead Hot Lovers (2012) - will be able to grasp the sometimes-ravaged nature at work here. Utterly commanding, Chapel In The Pines ebbs into a space where the literary meets contemporary abstract sound in absolute harmony. First (and ... mehr lesen