• 1.1. five fold kiss (don't sleep)
  • 1.2. nothing familiar
  • 1.3. samantha
  • 1.4. radio songs
  • 1.5. you said it
  • 1.6. crocodile tears
  • 1.7. boulevard
  • 1.8. let me change
  • 1.9. follow your bliss
  • 1.10. harper
14. Dezember 2012

psychic babble

my brother's ears / my sister's eyes

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Über diesen Artikel

PSYCHIC BABBLE is the recording project of Colin Frangicetto (CIRCA SURVIVE). My Brother's Ears/My Sister's Eyes is the debut album of the multi-instrumentalist and is the culmination of a five-year search for a sonic signature as well as the confidence to step out on his own. Influences span across eras, from the classic songwriting of THE BEACH BOYS and Peter Gabriel to Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound producing, to the experimenting of 90s shoegaze bands like SLOWDIVE and MY BLOODY VALENTINE. FOR FANS OF: CIRCA SURVIVE, THE BEACH BOYS, SLOWDIVE