• 1.1. harold and maude
  • 1.2. she's back
  • 1.3. what to say
  • 1.4. shake it out
  • 1.5. daylight savings
  • 1.6. bazwatch
  • 1.7. pressure sores
  • 1.8. get out
  • 1.9. let your hair down
  • 1.10. absorbed
05. Mai 2017

pet crow

a simple guide to small and medium pond life

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Über diesen Artikel

Half Riot Grrrl, half garage surf punk, Pet Crow's debut LP ' is a ten track explosion of crunching slap-back coated guitar hooks, gyrating basslines, haunting husky ear-worm vocals and AK47 drumming. For a band that has been together barely a year this LP is an unforgettable 'how do they follow that?' opening salvo. Press quotes: "Rapturous guitars and so much more going on there" - John Kennedy Radio X show X-Posure "Killer garage rock fair that hints of smoky Kim Gordon sung vocals but with the noise and aggression of The Headcoatees." - Louder Than War