• 1.1. the watcher
  • 1.2. iron horse/born to lose
  • 1.3. on parole
  • 1.4. white line fever
  • 1.5. keep us on the road
  • 1.6. leaving here
  • 1.7. im your witch doctor
  • 1.8. train kept a-rollin
  • 1.9. city kids


whats wordsworth (rsd)

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FANTASTIC 140 GRAM RED VINYL 1000 ONLY LIMITED EDITION What's Wordsworth? is a Motörhead live album recorded in 1978 but not released until 1983. Wilko Johnson organised a charity event on 18 February 1978 at The Roundhouse to raise money to help preserve some William Wordsworth manuscripts. The Count Bishops and Motörhead were also on the bill, but for contractual reasons Motörhead needed to perform under another name. Lemmy came up with the name Iron Fist and the Hordes from Hell, which would later be used for the name of a studio album. During this performance Mick Farren joined them onstage for a version of "Lost Johnny". DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!!