• 1.1. bruise pusher
  • 1.2. evaporate
  • 1.3. soveraine
  • 1.4. glue
  • 1.5. sword to shield
  • 1.6. dust and bone
  • 1.7. awake
  • 1.8. in sunny landscapes
  • 1.9. lapsing
  • 1.10. howling at the clouds
04. Mai 2018

midas fall


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LP limited to 500 copies on 180g vinyl (300 clear blue & black, 200 black) with printed inner sleeve and free album CD in card wallet. LPs picked randomly. `Evaporate', the fourth album from Scottish duo Midas Fall (Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn), is a visceral display of ferocious beauty. Recorded in Argyll, Scotland, the album shimmers with a dark, gothic grace, delicate and brutal in equal measure. The title-track sweeps through tidal waves of Elizabeth Heaton's towering vocals atop progressive post-rock landscapes both menacing and affirming, whilst the cinematic build of `Lapsing' and the heavenly crush of final track `Howling at the Clouds' pull vigorously at the heart. `In Sunny Landscapes' is a magical, magnificently radiant world of its ... mehr lesen