• 1.1. see you at the movies
  • 1.2. web so dense
  • 1.3. i went dust
  • 1.4. sky is all we had
  • 1.5. picking out the seeds
  • 1.6. give if off
  • 1.7. drop me
  • 1.8. cut stranger
  • 1.9. elastic days
  • 1.10. sometimes
  • 1.11. wanted you around
  • 1.12. everything she said

mascis, j

elastic days (loser edition)

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Über diesen Artikel

This limited Sub Pop Loser Edition is Crystal Clear vinyl with purple swirl! Near the end of Reagan's first term, the Western Massachusetts Hardcore scene coughed up an insanely shaped chunk called Dinosaur. Comprised of WMHC vets, the trio was a miasmic tornado of guitar noise, bad attitude and near-subliminal pop-based-shape-shifting. Through their existence, Dinosaur (amended to Dinosaur Jr. for legal reasons) defined a very specific, very aggressive set of oblique song-based responses to what was going on. Their one constant was the scalp-fryingly loud guitar and deeply buried vocals of J Mascis. A couple of years before they ended their reign, J cut a solo album called Martin + Me. Recorded live and acoustic, the record allowed the bones of J's ... mehr lesen