• 1.1. humanesque
  • 1.2. the straits of love & hate
  • 1.3. emily's changed
  • 1.4. i hear your heart singing
  • 1.5. st. john's divine
  • 1.6. the great divide
  • 1.7. another country's young
  • 1.8. flowing
  • 1.9. temptation & i
  • 1.10. eskimo blue day
22. November 2019
Label: BANG!
Genre: Garage

gun club, the

pastoral hide & seek


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Über diesen Artikel

Repressed, back in November! Reissue of this classic featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo Powers, with bonus track. Released in 1990, this record from The Gun Club sees again the light reissued on deluxe thick vinyl, remastered, with gatefold cover, full lyrics and previously unreleased photography. An album full of Gun Club's finest and complex melodies where Jeffrey Lee Pierce developed his most complete songwriter skills. Includes a cover of Jefferson Airplane previously unreleased on vinyl edition.