• 1.1. hell on wheels
  • 1.2. over the edge
  • 1.3. boogie van
  • 1.4. king of the road
  • 1.5. no dice
  • 1.6. blue tile fever
  • 1.7. grasschopper
  • 1.8. weird beard
  • 1.9. drive
  • 1.10. hotdoggin'
  • 1.11. freedom of choice

fu manchu

king of the road

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Repress! Opaque Orange Vinyl! RE-ISSUE OF CLASSIC FU! After a bit of a break from albums, not counting the Return to Earth singles compilation, Fu Manchu fully fired up and took off again with King of the Road, an album that doesn't so much follow on from The Action Is Go as flat out continue it.