• 1.1. ther mirror
  • 1.2. foreign bodies
  • 1.3. space dust
  • 1.4. supply/demand
  • 1.5. figure eights
  • 1.6. heretics hymn
  • 1.7. if we shout loud enough
20. April 2013
Genre: Indie

double dagger


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Includes If We Shout Loud Enough DVD, download, limited to 1200. If We Shout Loud Enough is an inside look at the Baltimore underground music scene through one of its most pivotal bands, Double Dagger. 333 is the the final Double Dagger album, their most confident and diverse. 333 and If We Shout Loud Enough will be released in a limited LP+DVD package on Record Store Day. 333 includes fist-pumping punk anthems showing the group at their most volatile and unrestrained, and instrumental tracks that venture into surprisingly beautiful and melodic territories. The instrumentation is clear and bright, but manages to capture the volume and energy of the band's infamous live performances. "Heretic's Hymn" marks the band's first use of religious language, ... mehr lesen